November 26, 2022

Maine Fish and Game Devises Unique Method to Save Deer From Predators

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Now that the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife is suggesting a ban on feeding deer and the state, through perverted animal protection groups’ lawsuits, can’t effectively trap coyotes to protect the deer and the same perverted groups whine and complain incessantly that using money to pay hunters and trappers to control predators isn’t socially acceptable, an anonymous person has stepped forward with a more humane way of saving deer.

The method, of which rumor has it was crafted by a retired government worker living in the Augusta area with too much time on his hands, has proven to work well on the Serengeti saving antelope from cheetahs and such. He’s not sure how effective it will be in heavily wooded forests while wearing snow shoes, heavy outdoor clothing and blaze orange.