December 18, 2017

Dare We Speak of “The Demons Within” our Fish and Game Departments?

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Below is a copy of a letter written by a man who has, over the recent years, become a very outspoken activist for the Idaho hunting, fishing and trapping community. Part of his focus is on weeding out the corruption that exists on the Board of Commissioners as well as within the fish and game department itself. And now, it appears that Mr. Rockholm has taken another step in his desire to weed out those who not only refuse to carry out the mission of the fish and game department, but work behind the scenes if necessary, against the mission of the fish and game department.

In this instance in Idaho, Rockholm fingered one man specifically, who, it was discovered, had gone on Facebook and advocated for pro wolf supporters to “shoot, shovel and shut up” private livestock legally being grazed on public lands. For those who may not know, “shoot, shovel and shut up” is a term that was used in describing the actions supposedly taken by some in dealing with federally protected gray wolves. The words speak for themselves.

Rhetoric is cheap and we all practice it to some degree. I have made comments in the past and I have read them and heard them from others, that our fish and game departments have been taken over by environmentalists and animal rights advocates, many of whom are supporters of predator protection and non consumptive wildlife management.

In this Idaho case, after the employee was offered early retirement because of his actions, he made it known on further Facebook postings that he no longer had to work quietly while on his job as a pro wolf, environmentalist activists and was ready to become openly active while at the same time fingering a fellow fish and game employee as being in the same predicament. Nice guy!

Even though Mr. Rockholm was told by the director of the fish and game department that the person in question was fired, he wasn’t. He was just offered an early retirement package. Which brings us to another point in the discussion about getting rid of fish and game employees who don’t work to fulfill the mission of the departments they work for. Easier said than done.

We mustn’t lose sight of the fact that these people are government employees and as such it makes it next to impossible to get rid of them, even if they are not doing their job – frustrating but true.

Many sportsmen advocate that fish and game work should be based on science and not on politics. While it should be, how do you suggest keeping politics out of it when more than likely the appointment to the head of the fish and game department is a political one?

As just another political department, it should be fish and game carries out the program guidelines set up between the governor and his selection to run the department. It then becomes the responsibility of the head of the fish and game, to bring his employees in line with the mission. If there are no alternatives for fish and game leaders to deal with non complying employees, then that is the fault of the state’s governmental structure and needs changing. And good luck with that.

This political crap runs in both directions through both parties and as such the employees need to be able to adapt accordingly. If they refuse to do their job or are found to be working against the mission of the department, proper disciplinary action should be allowed, not an easy out with early retirement.

There’s always been a difficult line as to what a government employee can and cannot do on their own time. I think it shouldn’t matter, so long as it is within the law. I’m not sure encouraging people in the destruction of other people’s lawful property isn’t taking things a bit too far.

No employee should be protected from being fired from their job for good reason.

And now, Scott Rockholm’s letter:

Idaho Fish No Game
The demons within

September 2012 was an enlightening month for those of us who keep an eye on Idaho Fish No Game. On 19 Sept 2012, I received notice of a IDFNG Senior Fisheries Tech prowling the internet, professing that the wolf loving / anti ranching activist’s should start killing cattle on public land grazing allotments. See screen shot of Ric Davidson’s comment.

After I was notified of this outrageous comment, I immediately called Director Moore. I also called the Fisheries Chief, Ed Schriever, and we had a brief discussion of the important nature of a Idaho Fish No Game employee advocating shooting private ranchers cattle, lawfully grazing their property on permitted allotments. Mr. Shriever and Mr. Moore assured me that the issue would be handled in a professional manner. I was called later that afternoon by Mr. Moore, who advised me that Ric Davidson was fired, or as he put it, “Mr. Davidson , as of this very moment, not a IDFNG employee any longer”. I thanked Virgil, and the conversation ended. Problem solved, and one more anti hunting/ anti ranching employee of the department was vetted. I assumed the problem was handled, but it appears no punishment was delivered at all. He was given an option to retire, and now he will collect even more of sportsmen’s dollars through retirement. This is absolutely unacceptable.

Within days of Ric Davidson’s firing, he was already on the world wide web, proclaiming his “Retirement” from the Department. This hate filled man, who had been sucking off of hunters hard earned dollars, is now revealing himself even more. He is now working with, or maybe had been working with all along, the Friends of the Clearwater. This organization couldn’t get more radical, and is charged with the same hate filled rhetoric that Ric Davidson has. Below is a screen shot, where he implicates himself working with this organization, while working for the Idaho Fish No Game, and he also implicates his supervisor, Sean Wilson. Look for yourself.

What we have here is an example of corruption from within. Many of our department employees are agenda driven people who hide behind the IDFNG logo. They drive department vehicles, and collect very good wages for enjoying a great job, in one of the nations treasures. These employees must be vetted, and removed from the payroll for good. A forensic audit of the department is in order, and the only means by which we can weed out the anti department bad apples. I ask the Idaho Legislature to consider a thorough and extensive audit of the Idaho Fish No Game, and the audit must be a independent forensic review that spans many years. There is no reason to have employees working for a department, with the goal of destroying it from within.

Scott Rockholm
Save Western Wildlife INC

  • This post is a perfect example of why folks who understand wildlife issues and policy agree that Scott Rockholm is not only anti-wolf but also anti-wildlife. Having watched and monitored both the 3 S, anti-wolf rhetoric of the livestock industry and their wide-spread degradation of wildlife habitats including the type of waterways examined by Mr. Downing, I can understand his frustration with both. It is perhaps ironic that Mr. Rockholm understands so clearly his own free-speech rights as a private citizen but cannot see that others have those same rights as well on their personal webpages. Moreover,I would suggest that Mr. Rockholm investigate a little but important thing called volunteerism prior to criticizing Mr. Downing’s call for stream monitors. This is where a person—often a retired person—volunteers their time to cover essential bio-physical monitoring to advance our understanding of natural systems and processes and to save the government from expending much needed resources. These long term monitoring project are very important in determining trends and establishing the benefits or consequences
    of a particular action. This citizen action seems much more productive and beneficial than the constant and uninformed criticism leveled by Mr. Rockholm and why his comments are given so little credence outside the confines of this insular community and others of similar construct.

    • RattlerRider

      Maybe when your side of the issue stops playing Pravda others will take you more seriously, when your sides web writers at various internet sites block open discussion yet troll around and force your biased opinions on others web pages, you lose any credibility you imagined you had beforehand.

    • alrem

      Bob are you sure you have enough hands patting you on your back? And could you please try another approach to insults? Your methods thus far suck. I know, I know. I haven’t enough education to try your approach so I stick to plain simple language; Stop lying.

    • RattlerRider

      Why don’t you address the issue of the decades of fisheries destruction accomplished by IDFG biologists replacing native fish with other fish species for what purpose? Now they’re removing the other species in an attempt to rebuild the native species, did the fishermen on the bank do that or did the scientists do that? How about addressing the poisoning of Red Fish lake to remove the other species scientists planted in that lake in an attempt to improve the native species, now nothing lives in that lake, not even the natural elements those fish need to survive. Where was Mr. Downing during all of this tragedy..

    • We also have screen-shots of this same IDFG employee Ric Davidson Downing calling us “F” freaks. Idaho sportsmen and sportswomen aren’t going to put up with that. He has also been collaborating with Friends of the Clearwater, a radical anti-hunting group. I see a huge conflict of interest there, because IDFG has a mission statement, mandated by our elected representatives, it’s the LAW.

      • He calls ’em like he sees ’em. Ric is right.

        • It’s against our Idaho Mandate Section 36-103, and what we elected our representatives for to manage our wildlife for hunting, fishing, and trapping. He was nothing but an Earth Firster working inside IDFG, what most of us in Idaho call a hostile take-over from within the department.

  • Alrem and RattlerRider: Neither of your responses address the issues raised in my post. Is free speech only for you two and Mr. Rockholm or do other folks in the US have that right as well? Is Mr. Rockholm’s defense of livestock producers and public lands grazing a pro-wildlife position given cattle competition with elk and deer as well as the significant stream degradation associated with livestock?

    • alrem

      Huge difference between lying and free speech. Free is free but lies are lies. The issues I address is your lying; believing things that are not true and your assumed knowledge.

      • So basically you are unable to address the issues I raised directly? And please explain to me how my academic and experiential knowledge is assumed knowledge.

        • alrem

          High and lofty one; your issues have been addressed, numerous times.

          • RattlerRider

            In fact your recent slanderous character assassination of us at your web site is typical of the old method of shaming your opponents into silence, a well known method of censorship. Attempt to find mental or personal issues of a private nature showing defects and use them against your foe. Even resort to Inventing them if necessary. You’re not so brilliant Bob. Pour more gas on the issue? And you’re a superior intellectual? Really?

        • RattlerRider

          In fact your recent slanderous character assassination of us at your web site is typical of the old method of shaming your opponents into silence, a well known method of censorship. Attempt to find mental or personal issues of a private nature showing defects and use them against your foe. Even resort to Inventing them if necessary. You’re not so brilliant Bob. Pour more gas on the issue? And you’re a superior intellectual? Really?

          • Perhaps that is the way you see it, but in reality it is exposing you for what you really are. Perhaps you will take a moment to see yourself how others do rather than how you see yourself in this insular environment you have created.

          • RattlerRider

            After spending 30 years involved in suppressed historical research based upon documentation in libraries you are not familiar with, the last six years full time research, of how most in society such as yourself, having been indoctrinated with deceptions, truths mixed with error, especially concerning the religious aspect of all events past and present, including the rising of the deified scientific dictatorship you’re addicted to, as well written about by the Collins Brothers, two very impressive Academic scholars in their own right {The Ascendancy of the Scientific Dictatorship}, where you’re suffering not only tunnel vision, where you judge me based upon my research in which you are ignorant of, with your judge a book by its cover mentality, where you have slandered me and placed me in company I do not keep. I am well aware of the negativity of sharing my research backed by hundreds of books I’ve gathered together from around the world, including documents of the European Parliament, the United Nations, and your Infamous U.S. corporate governments annals of Congressional Records, Both House and Senate. The Congressional Globes. And countless articles and books covering the Luciferian Doctrines behind your education and philosophies you insist are for the greater good of this Earth and man. You foolish selfish little man, you are exposing yourself, and I see you clearly for what you are, and evil dark person, amoral, willing to assume absolute trash about my character based on so little information. Shame on you, you petty little tyrant.

    • RattlerRider

      Are you granting Chandie free speech at your recent pack of lies you’ve posted at your web page about her so she can correct the errors you’ve said about her? Or are you deleting/blocking her comments? At this blog and the BBB your comments don’t even wait for approval, they post when you approve them by clicking post. Your original post isn’t worth any discussion simply because you’re whining about people who have NO political Authority, all any of us do is complain just like you’re doing. Complaining about other voters on how they vote because they do not vote with you is silly. And that is all you’re doing. I can list several Ph.D level academic researchers that support the history I point out, and support the belief that science is a religion, Will that matter to you? NO, it won’t mean anything to you because you don’t want that to be true. You like almost everyone in this world only believe what you want to believe. Your blog naming me connected to several psychological issues is beyond extreme and over the top. You’ve crossed a line you should not have. You’ve fomented your own hatred against opposing views with wild exaggerations.

      • They are up now. And we filter and approve comments because folks are frequently trying sell things on our site because of the traffic (we are not commercialized like this site) and because we do not post death threats. Chandie is free to post there and I think it is good for her to get the feedback.

        • RattlerRider

          I’ll shortly be posting the hundreds of death threats from pro wolf advocates against hunters acting legally in state sanctioned hunting seasons along with death threats made against people such as myself who are Pro wolf management, and law abiding citizens of Idaho and the United States. Collected from face book being sent to me, and files stored in several computers around Idaho by the hunting community, including my own. I’ll be showing the lies Kristi Loyd tells, Gary Wilson Tells, both of those people are habitual liars, and name callers. You’ve failed.

          • Guest

            Law abiding? Is multiple speeding offenses, battery, driving without seat belts law abiding? No. Let’s post the threats from your side, too. Ya know, just to be fair, since you like to fair. Stored files, would those be stored by Chandie? Who says she has files then says she doesn’t. But will say again in the future that she does have files. Hard to keep up with her going back and forth so many times. I think the threats are a moot point and wrong from either side, as I have said many times (but Chandie seems to ignore, or forget). Yes, please list these lies. Your character stands on its own, no one needs to “assassinate” your character. You do a very good job of it on your own. Gary also tells truths about the likes of you and Chandie, which you cannot handle because you are emotionally stunted and your first reaction is to lash out at the person who hurts your feelings…that’s what 5-yr. olds do, not adults. The likes of you are famous for intimidating attempts, bullying, threatening, and even acting on these impulses. You know what segment of the population has problems controlling their impulses? Immature people. Sociopaths have poor coping skills and impulse control. They have trouble controlling their anger, too. Sound familiar? It should.

          • RattlerRider

            I don’t have a side, don’t belong to a group, and am fully aware that both “sides” has it’s share of idiots. Like animal rights groups on the terrorist watch list because they vandalize private property. I don’t have a criminal record.

          • Geeze Kristi, at least have the courage to state your real name. That “file” business sure has you worried. Like I’ve said before we got an “army” of people that keep track of you guys. It’s about time. Thirty Years of Earth First, and the people out West are sick of the “hippies” that have turned into lawyers, going from tree-spiking to maim our sawyers and mill-workers, to “paper-monkey wrenching” bleeding the rural society dry with frivolous litigation law-suits, hand-picked judges. You’re time is up, you are now despised. I will personally “out” everyone of you, and have plenty of assistance, an army of good rural people that have networked together on the internet. If you are working for a NGO and are pushing for the UN Agenda 21 Treaty, which is UnAmerican I will keep educating citizens of their Constitutional Rights and Freedoms! In defense of liberty and our God given Natural born rights. God Bless America and long live the Oath Keepers!.

            Kristi, did you and Bob Ferris support our Second Amendment Rights on January 19th? We had almost 2,000 armed citizens at the Couer d’ Alene, Idaho Gun Rally. You had to part two blocks away, to even get a parking spot.

          • Ummmm, do you see a post with your name and battery together or a post by you that would be a response to you? No. Paranoia…again. Or thinking you are more important than you really are. Which would be not very. RR had the battery charge and he talks about being law abiding. Not one bit worried about your files. Files kept by a crazy person is normal. Go for it. You, educate? HA! Spread misinformation, fear, propaganda, BS, and lies, yes. Educate anybody, no. So there are gun supporters in Idaho, like that is big news. I did enjoy the irony of guns going off at 4 guns shows across the country though, too bad that people got shot, luckily no one was killed. 6 guns for every person in Idaho…Gun Appreciation Day is every day there.

          • RattlerRider

            A lot of people get charged for something every day. A lot of people are later found innocent, that means they were not convicted of the charge. A lot of people, men or women, bring false charges which is also breaking the law, and I know a person that was found guilty of doing that, and the court also awarded restitution to the person falsely charged. You people are grasping at straws, gossip is for fools.. Yeah I went on a little drive a couple days ago, shopping in Twin Falls, blew off $1200.00 on a nice new rifle.

        • Bob Ferris, I’ve had “several” friends that commented and told me their comments were moderated and never approved past your “moderation-censorship.”

          My friends with the exception of one, was able to post, and I think it would be good for you to get the feed-back.

          And cut off the “drama” about death threats, that is what you cowards do, and yes we got plenty of screen-shots, in all those files people keep logging. But we’re going to put those to good use, with our legislatures, where our focus is needed.

          You’re nothing but a senseless attempt of distracting people from more important work.

      • The lies are so stupid, and everybody told me just to forget it, nobody is even reading it anyways.

    • So do you think that your Earth First buddy, Ric Davidson Downing that my family helped fund with our sportsmen license and dollars was morally right to be an operative and tell ranchers to “f” off and promote shooting livestock, private property?

  • Tom, we got more bad apples in Fish and Game, and the good thing is some of the “old school guys” are talking. Too bad that it had to take so long. E.g. is one issue that is on the top of the burner.