May 27, 2023

Hobbs Brook Waterfalls

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During my annual hunting trip to Maine this fall, we had our share of rain. As a matter of fact, it rained everyday but yet I hunted everyday as well. As a result of the rain, including rains we received from “Superstorm” Sandy, brooks and ponds had pretty high water levels.

On one of my outings, I intended to cross Hobbs Brook as depicted in the video below. Perhaps in my younger days I would have attempted a jump over the water and landed on one of the moss-covered rocks on the other bank but at age 60 I think I made a wise decision not to attempt it.

Hobbs Brook headwaters is Furlong Pond. Interestingly enough out in the middle of Furlong Pond is the intersection of three Maine towns; Albany, Norway and Greenwood. The brook flows in a general southerly direction and passes just south of Speck Pond, near where the waterfalls in the video can be found.

Near the falls the brook crosses the Waterford town line and eventually flows into Crooked River, on to Sebago Lake; one of Maine’s larger lakes.