December 18, 2017

Maine IFW Needs to Learn to Count Deer Harvest Like Kentucky

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Why is it, I’ve asked countless times, that Maine takes at least 4 months from the end of deer hunting season to release deer harvest numbers? We hear some bullpucky about the collection of data, blah, blah, blah and by the time harvest numbers are out, most hunters are gearing up for fishing season and have mostly forgotten about the deer hunt.

But in Kentucky, according to Outdoor Wire, counting of deer harvest numbers are only a few hours behind the hunt.

The total harvest for the month of November won’t be known until the end of the month on Friday, Nov. 30. However, as of Wednesday, Nov. 28, a new record has already been reached. The 96,986 deer reported taken tops the previous record (89,498 deer taken in 2004) by 8.3 percent.

And this same information has been made available for September and October only hours after each days hunt.

Does Maine have something to hide or are they just embarrassed to death that there are so few deer? Kentucky will count close to 125,000 harvested deer this year and the day after all the seasons have concluded, they will have a count.

Maine will count perhaps 20,000-25,000 and take 4 or 5 months to do it. Why?

  • Tom….if you know of a better way to count Deer killed during the Maine Hunting season
    why don’t you send IF&W an email with your Procedure??. I think Kentucky and Maine
    are two very Different size States. Don’t just Bitch for the sake of it, try contributing some
    solid information for fixing this problem. If they don’t take your advise as you have layed it
    out, then so be it. Ron from Dresden Maine.

    • TRemington

      Ron – IFW KNOWS a better way to count deer. They used to do it all the time and little has changed. The major reason that I see for IFW taking so long is they insist on providing a report with maps, etc. Hunters just want numbers and they can collect those numbers from tagging agents anytime they want to. IFW uses the excuse that they don’t get tagging information for weeks after close. Why the hell not?

      So, it’s not just bitching about it, and if you were a regular reader you would know that I spend a great deal of time making constructive suggestions, based on others successes and I do my fair share of sending those to IFW, which I have no idea what happens from that point forward.

      And as an FYI for you, Maine is 33,265 square miles including lakes, and Kentucky is 40,409 square miles including lakes. Not a significant difference.