December 3, 2023

Waterville, Maine Needs to Take Away Rights and Ban Bars

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Ignorance and ridiculous statements seems to be running amiss in Waterville, Maine and the mayor is no exception. In response to a shooting that occurred outside a bar, Mayor Heck said:

“It’s not people killing people with knives; it’s people killing people with guns,” she said. “I think in this country, the (National Rifle Association) has been a front for gun manufacturers long enough, and people have to start understanding what the Second Amendment was truly written for.”

So, it’s acceptable to kill with a knife and not a gun?

Evidently the mayor believes the Second Amendment should only allow self defense in your home and no place else. But is the Second Amendment really the problem here? Consider what the Waterville police have to say:

Police Chief Joseph Massey said the downtown area, particularly at night, poses a challenge for police, as many young people come into the city to frequent bars, drink too much and then get into fights and vandalize downtown businesses.

If Mayor Heck feels so empowered to strip Americans of their constitutional rights and so designate where Americans are allowed to enjoy their inalienable right to self protection, then it seems clear to me that the real problem in Waterville is the existence of bars. It shouldn’t matter that any of the bar owners have a right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Shut the bars down!