June 3, 2023

Ted Nugent on Bob Costas

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Ted Nugent has an article on Human Events about how Bob Costas is wrong in his rant about guns. If you will recall, Kansas City Chief football player Jovan Belcher used a gun to kill his girlfriend that then, in his own sick and tormented way, chose to stand before his coaches and blow his own brains out. The following Sunday night during an NBC television broadcast of Sunday Night Football, Costas chose his bully pulpit to claim that if the people of this country didn’t have access to guns none of this blood shed would have happened. I posted a short comment about this event and the remarks of Bob Costas on the Black Bear Blog.

It seems just one week later, a Dallas Cowboys football player chose to take his team mate for a high speed drive, while drunk. Jerry Brown is now dead and Josh Brent is facing manslaughter charges for his actions. I waited until after this Sunday night’s football game to give Mr. Costas a chance to rail on about access to alcohol and automobiles being the cause of the death of one man and probable jail time for another. But that didn’t happen. I wrote about that on this blog.

In that article I wrote:

Costas made his rant during half time of the Sunday Night Football show last week but seemingly did not make the same rant demanding a ban on automobiles after Dallas football player, Josh Brent, drove his vehicle, allegedly while intoxicated, killing another teammate, Jerry Brown.

In Ted Nugent’s article he writes:

Just a few years ago, a drunk NFL football player ran over a guy and killed him. As I recall, the player paid off the family of the deceased and only did 30 days in the slammer. Where was Mr. Costas on this? Did he opine that easy access to alcohol and automobiles was responsible for this death? To those liberals who want to restrict or ban access to guns, do you also support banning booze because drunks kill roughly 12,000 Americans each year in drinking-and-driving slaughters?

And no, I’m not somehow trying to compare myself to Ted Nugent. We are nowhere near to being alike. However, there is a point to be made and must be made. Guns too often become the object of abuse and the basis for irrational demands by too many people when violent crimes, especially heinous crimes resulting in murder/suicide occurs. While it is easy to understand the emotions and grief, the result of these events, but it is not an excuse for nonsensical liberal claptrap, aimed at projecting any blame on inanimate objects while avoiding the reality that grown adults have to be responsible for their own actions.