January 29, 2023

Finished With Facebook

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I have never been a fan of Facebook and the straw that broke the camels back just happened in my opinion. Facebook decided to suspend the accounts of anyone who dared post information or comments that run contrary to the official account of what happened at Newtown, Connecticut. This is wrong and in violation of First Amendment rights.

This is also further proof that we no longer live in a free country and that government dictates everything in our lives.

Facebook is run by the CIA/NSA and is a spying operation into every aspect of your/my life. Whatever you say, where you go, whatever comments or pictures you post or view, the CIA/NSA are there recording it all in order to use it against you at a future date.

I had resolved to remain on Facebook only because I am part of a family page in which we can share, but I will find other ways to communicate.

I would encourage everyone else who feels that Facebook is wrong in censoring thought, to deactivate their accounts also. I think ultimately we have more power than they do.