February 7, 2023

Kill a Rat, Earn Five Bucks

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Ok, so why not all the stupid questions and comments? First question: Why aren’t animal rights groups complaining that people are killing animals? Next, man is encroaching on the rats. It’s the man’s fault. And then, we have to learn to coexist. (Imagine all the people, living life with rats, oooooh oooooh, You may say I’m a dreamer…..) Rats have a right to live. Rats are good for the ecosystem. They help balance nature. Bounties don’t work. Saying rats carry disease is a lie and is fear mongering. And I saved the best for last – if you kill a few rats they will just reproduce more than you killed and make the matter worse. (It’s true. I overheard them talking about just the other day.)

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