September 28, 2023

Day 28- No Executive Orders

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I will continue this charade until such time as people begin to open their eyes that they are being lied to, manipulated, conned and disrespected. If the real intent was to instigate an honest debate about our children’s safety, then the President of the United States, being honest for a change, would have gone a long way. But instead, the President opts to deceive the people in order to stir up trouble, create chaos, promote distrust of Government and between citizens, to achieve his bigger goal of full dictatorial power assumption, through fear mongering and civil unrest.

Nothing is posted on the White House website about 23 executive orders.

In the meantime, Joe Biden, the lying, non thinking puppet, who once said that Obama wasn’t going to get his shotgun, told people he was counting on the “legitimate news media” to carry out he and the President’s lying, cheating, unconstitutional Second Amendment destruction… they have been told to do.

Joe, like President Obama, fears the non “legitimate news media” because they can’t be controlled by them very well, but they are working on it. Out of fear, Biden must demonize anyone writing and presenting facts about both tyrant’s effort to take our guns.

It was announced that on Wednesday, tyrant Obama will either sign an executive order, or perpetrate another dog and pony show, disguised as cyber security. However, we should examine carefully, that is if we allowed to, the details of the executive order as I’m confident this despot will further grow his power while destroying the First Amendment rights of Americans. Wake up! It’s his MO. However, whatever he talks about, I am assuming there will be no details made available until long after he has carried out his unconstitutional plans.