March 28, 2023

Day 29 – No Executive Orders

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President Obama has lied to and deceived the American people. In his flim-flamery, a dog and pony show and exploitation of children, he conned the American people by staging a false event. He told us he would sign 23 executive orders that will curb gun violence. He made one signature on what can only be thought of now as a piece of scrap paper.

It’s been 29 days since that act of illusion and yet, not one shred of evidence can be found on the White House website where Executive Orders are signed and posted. Some may say the White House is too busy and yet, just 3 or 4 days ago the White House announced the President would be signing an executive order to do with cyber security on Wednesday, February 13, 2013. That executive order is posted at the White House website, so why not the 23 executive orders Mr. Obama told people he was signing?

To intelligent, independent thinking people, there is reason to demand to see the details of each of these orders. The 23 suggestions that the White House released prior to the magic act mean nothing. They tell us nothing of what will actually happen. Do these executive orders not exist? Is the President hiding that information because he doesn’t want us to know what his plans are? Or, is this more of what I’m inclined to think it is; just a way to create division and angst among the people; a divide and conquer scheme?

Below I have included a video taken of a CNN report of Obama signing the fake executive orders. After the President concludes his speech, he says, as he walks away from the podium, “I’ll now sign the executive orders.”

Wolf Blitzer, the CNN news anchor appears and offers some commentary stating that the President is now signing 23 executive orders. Oddly, the President inks one signature and walks away to go play with the children he’s taking advantage of. Blitzer comments something to the effect that he guesses one signature must be good enough for all 23 executive orders.

It’s an amateur hour or more aptly described as the Gong Show.