January 29, 2023

Civil Rights and Global Warming

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On Wednesday I shared a graph, provided by Bing, that showed how people reacted during President Obama’s State of the Union Address. I brought to the forefront that the graph showed that when the President began speaking about his notions for gun control, it bottomed out in negative responses by participants. What I didn’t mention in that same report was that very close behind the negative feelings of Americans on gun control was their same bad feelings when the President discussed what needed to be done about global warming.

The graph is indicative of the fact that Americans are sick and tired of the relentless lies and corruption surrounding a mythical nonsense that humans breathing and living their everyday lives is causing our planet to warm up and be destroyed. However, that doesn’t say much of anything about the people who are so intensely brainwashed, by design, to not only believe that man-caused climate change is real but to compare its urgency for something to be done on a plane with civil rights, is absurd.

On “The Hill” blog, Julian Bond, former NAACP chairman and Michael Brune, executive director, Sierra Club, co-wrote an article in which they, in fact, equate the need for people to take to the streets and engage in civil disobedience, demanding something be done to save our planet from the scourge of wealthy white men guilty of dirtying our atmosphere with, with…….with, well carbon dioxide. Gasp! Note: civil disobedience is a kind way of saying that it’s permissible to participate in violent demonstrations because it’s, well, civil disobedience.

Consider the affects of brainwashing, by design, when Bond and Brune write:

In the 19th century, the searing injustice of slavery inspired Henry David Thoreau to lay out the principles of civil disobedience, even as he and other antislavery activists helped fugitive slaves reach freedom in Canada via the Underground Railroad. In the 20th century, Martin Luther King, Jr., led a courageous campaign of nonviolent resistance that ultimately prevailed over a caustic national legacy of racism and segregation. Now the threat of climate disruption, hammered home last year by wildfires, droughts, and superstorm Sandy, again tests our moral values.

To be so mentally manipulated, by design, to not only believe that man has somehow caused wildfires, droughts and superstorm Sandy, by living and breathing, but to consider the lie to be the equivalent of fighting for the equal treatment of human beings, is tragic.

Climate changes are a natural phenomenon. Why does this have to be political and even racial? Shouldn’t the discussion and the suggestions of the President during his State of the Union Address have simply stated that we as Americans should take the lead in discovering what things actually influence our climate, instead of diminishing the value of human beings and their existence on earth?

It is criminal for people to perpetuate the lie of anthropogenic climate change.