September 22, 2023

Perversion of Environmentalism Funded in Part by Rockefeller

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In contrast to the Christian doctrine of Imago Dei, meaning man is created in the image of God, thereby giving him highest value on this earth, the environmental movement looks at humans as the source of evil and earthly problems, for they are in the environmentalist worldview “consumers and polluters, rather than stewards.”……..

Christians, Beisner warns, “simply accept … different claims made by different environmental organizations” without investigating the issues themselves. Such topics as species extinction, manmade global warming or climate change and rapid depletion of farmland, he says, “lack solid empirical evidence” and are “based upon modeling, rather than empirical observation.”………

“All of the large ecumenical organizations have jumped onboard [with the green agenda],” he said……….

But Christians aren’t merely the victim of their own ignorance, Beisner says, for external forces are working behind the scenes to “green the Christian message.”……….

The National Religious Partnership for the Environment (NRPE), Beisner states, “was funded heavily by the Rockefeller Foundation and other such foundations and heavily influenced by … Green Peace and the World Wildlife Federation.”……….

“The Rockefeller Brothers Fund was founded by David Rockefeller in the late 1950s,” Beisner told WND, “specifically because he thought that the Rockefeller Foundation, which was very powerfully supporting population control, wasn’t going far enough because it didn’t support the use of incentivization and coercion in abortion in population control and family development programs in developing countries.”<<<Read the Entire Article at World Net Daily>>>