January 31, 2023

Day 35 – No Executive Orders

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It is now day 35 and President Obama has yet to post on the White House website, the 23 executive orders on gun control he told the American people he was signing. What fraud!

Below is a video of Fascist Feinstein in full display of lies and ignorance. On exhibit is her rant about how her unconstitutional bill would protect hunters and shooting sportsmen, with never a mention about a person’s ability to protect themselves from a sampling of the weapons of the day. In other words, the guns she has decided we can keep, after government approval and registration, leaves those of us interested in self defense and protection from tyrants like her and Barack Obama, would be akin to bringing a jack knife to a gun fight.

And most importantly, please pay attention to what Fascist Feinstein says near the end of the 6-minute video about the purpose of her bill, i.e. to dry up the supply of weapons.