January 30, 2023

Day 43 – No Executive Orders

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If it hasn’t become obvious to you yet, since President Obama’s reelection, that his aim is to instill as much fear, deception, divide, racism, chaos, unrest…..or ?, it’s time to open your eyes. Presently, while absolutely nothing is being done in the White House (think the fabricated fears of sequester), the Campaigner in Chief is traveling around the country and….doing what I might ask? Near as I can tell, he’s trying to scare the hell out of people by attempting to tell them if the republicans don’t agree to make you give President Obama more of your money, we’re all going to pay heavily for that. Really? Aren’t we already paying heavily for this man’s political bent? Cannot Americans understand the intent of this ideologically twisted man? HE WANTS CHAOS!

He used the same tactic 43 days ago, when he headlined in a dog and pony show, reminiscent of the traveling medicine shows, telling the American people he was signing executive orders to limit and control guns (people). Whatever he signed one time on a piece of paper was evidently no more than toilet paper. When a president signs executive orders, those orders are made available to the people in order to read the details and be able to honestly disseminate the content and intent of the order. There are no executive orders and therefore any commentary made about these fake orders is dishonest and also fraudulent.

Where are those executive orders, Mr. President? Why were they not real? What are you hiding? Why have you lied? Is it just another one of your campaign tricks to anger more people? Do you want them to take to the streets and kill their fellow man? And then what will you do? Declare a national emergency and then become the dictator you want to be?


The New York Times, like the vast majority of ignorant, emotionally disturbed people, spends all of its time and energy writing about how law abiding citizens get their guns and not one word printed about what is being done to stop the damned crooks and murderers. Makes no sense, but then again, it isn’t intended to make sense now is it.

An outdoor writer from Maine has taken the right approach. Now here’s a man who isn’t caving in to nonsensical political pressures to reach a “compromise” (spelled giving up more of your rights to placate the communist left). He’s asking that the requirement of a permit to carry a concealed weapon be repealed. As George Smith puts it:

The concealed carry permit system is illogical, expensive and a waste of time and resources.

I personally do not and never have possessed a permit to carry concealed. I vowed I never would because it is nothing more than a glorified gun registry. I concur with Mr. Smith. Repeal all concealed carry permits now!

And finally, this video should turn your stomach. Politicians and useful idiots/True Believers preach that it is the gun owners who pose a threat to law and order. Really? In this video you will witness that it is NOT the legal permit-carrying man that poses any threat to anybody. Instead, a Florida law enforcement officer threatens to shoot a man if he moves because he’s done nothing wrong except the officer notices the man is carry a gun. (Warning: The police officer, paid with taxpayer dollars and is a representative of the people of Florida, uses F-bombs throughout the beginning of this video. It is obvious the officer is improperly trained, suspect to panic reacting and is a danger to himself and others.)

All you really need to watch is like the first minute. The rest of the time is spent with the officer telling the seemingly innocent man that he broke the law by brandishing a weapon.

For those interested, the gun laws of Florida say the following about whether a permit holder, carrying a gun, has to inform the police.

790.06….The licensee must carry the license, together with valid identification, at all times in which the licensee is in actual possession of a concealed weapon or firearm and must display both the license and proper identification upon demand by a law enforcement officer. Violations of the provisions of this subsection shall constitute a noncriminal violation with a penalty of $25, payable to the clerk of the court.