April 2, 2023

Day 45 – No Executive Orders

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The photos below say it all. 45 days ago President Obama falsified his actions to the American people through smoke and mirrors, faking the signing of 23 executive orders in which he was going to bypass the legislative process in order to take away Second Amendment rights of the people. All this president has ever done on this is provide the people with 23 ideas of what could be done, the details of which would be found in the actual orders; which either don’t exist or the President is covering up somewhere, preventing the people from scrutinizing the details.

45 days and we wait as nothing is posted on the White House website concerning 23 executive orders.

For those interested, the Washington Times yesterday provided a 12-page (pdf) entitled, “Second Amendment, Bill of Rights, The Constitution of the United States” as presented by the Second Amendment Foundation.