April 2, 2023

Hindrey Buying Up Outdoor Media? Why? Who is Hindrey?

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Many mainstream and not so mainstream media outlets today are reporting that Leo Hindrey, Jr., Managing Partner of InterMedia Partners, is buying up “gun-culture media” outlets and destroying them. This according to an article in Daily Caller, where employees of Hindrey’s companies are crying foul. Does it really make sense that Hindrey, unless he’s using only his own personal capital and that doesn’t make sense either, would spend the millions of dollars just to “destroy” these media outlets?

Hindery is no small-time shooter (excuse the pun.). Wikipedia information on Leo Hindery might read more like a character in a good conspiracy book than someone who is out to attempt to destroy Second Amendment rights by buying up media that supports gun rights and running them out of business. I mean seriously?

In addition to managing partner of InterMedia Partners, Hindery founded the YES Network, television and media home of the New York Yankees. He remains as Chairman and CEO. His past has him working for and involved in telecommunications and financial networks, as well as education foundations and programs designed for teachers and leadership.

Perhaps most prominent among his attributes is that Hindery is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, as well as his connections with Barack Obama and other assorted, crooked politicians connected with finance and commerce in the government.

The Council on Foreign Relations is the parallel government of the U.S. Government that actually controls most every aspect of governmental operations. Hindrey has been involved in politics for much of his life and at one time was considered to head up the Democratic National Convention. He advised John Edwards during his presidential campaign runs, if that tells us anything and has been an economic adviser to Barack Obama. It might appear that even though there have been attempts to place Hindery into some Cabinet level post, his associations with dirty and tainted buddies in Washington may have kept him from those positions. Obviously this doesn’t stop his connections with Obama and the “in” crowd.

One can say that Hindery certainly is connected inside Washington, D.C. and coming at a time when an assault on guns and the Second Amendment is coming from many of his pals in Washington, including the President, I’m still not convinced that Hindrey is buying up outdoor-related companies like Petersen’s Hunting, Sportsman Channel and the Outdoor Channel, just to destroy them because they promote gun ownership and the Second Amendment. What would that solve? Isn’t there more power in buying these companies up in order to restructure them and then control the propaganda that is allowed to pass in front of the eyes of Americans or into their eardrums? Sieg Heil!
Leo Hindery, I am sure, understands the power that results from media ownership. That’s why he’s in the business. If Hindery wanted to destroy the Second Amendment, which indications would logically lead us to the conclusion that he does, which do you think is more effective in accomplishing that goal? To buy up those companies that support Second Amendment rights only to destroy them, hurting yourself financially and weakening your power to propagandize, or control all aspects of it, increasing your capacity to brainwash millions of Americans to get them to think as you think?

I may be wrong. Maybe Hindery is so blinded by his hatred of guns and gun owners that he would cut off his nose to spite his face. The moves from what we can gather from reading news accounts, it appears that there is definitely some restructuring going on and you can guarantee that if Hindrey is restructuring and not destroying, those influential, Second Amendment personnel in these pro gun media companies better be looking for another job, or compromise your beliefs to keep getting a paycheck.

As these Hindrey-owned media outlets change, we should look for more moderate approaches to Second Amendment issues, geared at brainwashing the sportsmen into believing that they will always be allowed to go hunting and shooting, just let tyrannical government get their limitations in there – a classic slow boiling of the frog.