April 1, 2023

Day 54 – No Executive Orders

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After 54 days, there are no executive orders on gun control posted on the White House website.

Firearms companies who refuse to sell arms to states, counties and local governments who restrict ownership of guns to citizens at a level below that of government, has grown from 34 to 118.

It seems we just finished a crooked and nauseating election cycle and already the lying, cheating, double-dealing politicians are beginning to gear up for another mid-term election. This is a time where the corruptocrats polish up their speeches to insure that the lies they tell the people are what is necessary to win another election. We, the voters, after decades of this charade, have yet to figure it out and fall for their baloney every time.

The assault on Second Amendment rights comes on the heels of a Council on Foreign Relations’ victory getting Obama, the destroyer, reelected and just before the onslaught of mid-term chicanery. Voters need to be aware that EVERYTHING out of the mouth of a campaigning sycophant is not the truth and will never be the truth.