January 29, 2023

Tom Remington Golden Horse Excrement Award

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Yes, it’s been awhile. What used to be the Black Bear Blog Golden Horse Excrement Award has been rightfully renamed the Tom Remington Golden Horse Excrement Award. It is only fitting, in more ways than one, that this renamed award be first awarded to Al Gore, a pile of horse shit in his own right.

In a recent interview with the Public Broadcasting System, Algore described those people who don’t believe his tripe about global warming as, “an alcoholic father who flies into a rage if alcohol is mentioned.”

They say the first step toward recovery is admitting you have a problem. I wonder when Algore will admit he has a problem? I’m talking about his fits of rage. He’s a moneyholic, a greedaholic, a liaraholic, and a jerk thrown in for good measure. Plus he flies into rages when anybody disputes his nonsense.

In awarding this treasure to Algore, it only fitting as well that it be presented to show that Algore is mired in his own shit. I wonder if all his money can get him out of it?