February 7, 2023

Frustrated Fascist Feinstein Floundering

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Harry Reid put the kibosh on Fascist Feinstein‘s ridiculous anti gun bill. Reid removed Feinstein’s assault weapons ban from the general anti gun ban the democrats are trying to get through the House and Senate. The general anti gun bill is essentially an attempt to expand the background check system on guns.

Isn’t it odd in a way that when the sportsmen in Harry Reid’s home state garnered a cool million or so to help get Dirty Harry Reid reelected, probably didn’t think Reid would later turn around and push through an anti Second Amendment bill, while leaving Fascist Feinstein’s bill out in the cold. All of this on Reid’s part, among other political strategery, is to use Fascist Feinstein to make himself look to be the hero. I would suppose from the perspective of the sportsman’s groups responsible for Dingy Harry’s reelection victory, this is the equivalent now to being hung with a new rope.