February 6, 2023

I Put in the Old Man’s Soup of Survival???

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I would like to try something here that requires readers’ participation. Perhaps some of you remember the childhood game of “Old Man’s Soup”, or not. In the game each person gets to add something to the soup and before the next person can add their ingredient they must accurately repeat all the other ingredients added prior to. I’ll dispense with the repeating of the previous items to be added.

What I would like to do is to have readers add one or more items that they consider important that people should have on hand for, well, just in case. Perhaps when adding your items you can assess and share with readers the purpose and the degree of importance or severity of projected need. I’ll explain.

Where I live, in hurricane territory, we are taught to keep a certain list of items in the ready including non perishable foods for 6 days, plus water. These items are good to have on hand but certainly do not account for a prolonged food shortage, major disaster or perhaps even an economic collapse. And then there’s the “when the shit hits the fan scenario” of survival.

With that in mind, many items are good and a brief explanation as to why and what you are planning for is helpful. Please list your ideas below in the comments section. If I get a good enough response on this, I will take the items and put them into a more usable list and post them to this website for people to download and save if they would like.

I will start by saying that for short or long term disasters, I have a relatively small plastic, air tight container in which I keep my most valuable and important papers, i.e. birth certificates, deeds, titles, etc. These are ready in case I need to mobilize quickly I can grab and go.

Now it’s your turn.