November 28, 2022

Rangel: Millions of Kids Being Gunned Down by Assault Weapons

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This is a good example of the level of intelligence that is put in charge of leading this country. He is in need of Obamacare…….oh wait. That’s right. He won’t have to be subjected to Obama. He lives in a free world and the rest of us don’t. He decides that no hunter needs an automatic weapon to hunt. He’s to damned elitist, seeing himself as the posterity, the ruling class, he doesn’t know nor care that the Second Amendment is NOT about hunting.

But that’s a bit beside the point isn’t it? This person declares, with a straight face, that millions of kids are being killed in the streets with assault weapons. And what? You think the media isn’t in bed with these flaming idiots? In this video, the person interviewing Rangel doesn’t even question his comment about millions of kids. The interviewer should be fired! And for those of you who think Fox News is your only reliable friend, consider their headline on this story: “Rangel Fibs” Let me say that again. Rangel fibs. The media is so scared of losing their funding or individually losing their jobs, they fail miserably in saying, RANGEL LIED! OBAMA LIES! They all lie and we say nothing.

The next SOB who accuses me of embellishing any claim that the U.S. Government is attempting to disarm the citizens to pave the way for despotic rule, is a complete moron. When idiots like Rangel are allowed to go on nationwide television and make such blatant lies, there is little hope for our future.

Prediction: The media will give Rangel a free pass, as they always do their “buds” and some other idiot spokesperson for Rangel will say, he misspoke.