March 30, 2023

Day 69 – No Executive Orders

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Day 69 and there are no executive orders on gun control posted on the White House website. What a liar and a con artist!


Putting Gun Manufacturers Out of Business!

Should Fascist Feinstein’s assault weapons ban bill get passed, one of two Maine gun manufacturing companies will be put out of business.

The Margin of Victory Continues to Shrink!

In a U.S. Senate vote of 53-46, an amendment to reject a United Nations arms treaty bill, passed…..but not by much. This margin opposing a ceding of Second Amendment rights seems to get smaller each time there is a vote. We should be concerned.

On a related note, Maine’s two senators, Collins and King, split their vote. Collins voted for the amendment to prohibit the UN takeover and Michael Bloomberg-owned Angus King voted with all the other fascists. Click this link to see how your senators voted.

This same report, linked to above, states that an amendment was offered and passed that supposedly clarified that the U.S. Constitution trumps all treaties. This amendment was added by Vermont’s Senator Patrick Leahy, and knowing what we should know about Leahy, his action is a lie, a distraction and what I believe to be a deliberate attempt to deceive the public; an attempt to mislead the public to think that the signing of any UN treaty to ban guns would have no affect on Americans. His action is shameful; to be kind. Our U.S. Constitution states that all treaties are the supreme law of the land. Should anyone desiring to offer a constitutional amendment, they would have to go through the process of getting 2/3 of the states to ratify such an amendment. Of all senators, Leahy knows this law and he knows full well exactly what he is doing. While meetings are still underway in New York over this UN Arms Trade Treaty, we all should expect another Senate vote after John Kerry and the U.S. delegation decides for a treaty.

Governor Cuomo Looks Like an Idiot!

In his rush to ban guns to make his run toward totalitarianism easier, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, included in the budget bill an amendment that would ban magazines holding more than seven rounds. Being there are no magazines made that hold seven rounds, the idiot Cuomo, in showing his lack of knowledge on the subject, suspended this bill indefinitely. What next Mr. Cuomo? Are you going to ban the manufacture of chrome muffler bearings?

“I have a responsibility … to try to make this country safer,”

If Mayor Michael Bloomberg really felt he had a responsibility to make this country safer, he would pack his bags and get the hell out of this country! Bloomberg is a dangerous and out of touch man. He is on a campaign to destroy what’s left of Americans’ liberties. We also know that among other power brokers, Bloomberg gets his marching orders from the Council on Foreign Relations, which is the shadow government of the U.S. and calls all the political shots.