January 17, 2018

Invasive Species

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I received this photograph and email from a pretty reliable source (on the picture). The fact that people are dumping fish in ponds where they don’t belong is a fact and has been going on for some time. This report states that this great northern pike was caught while ice fishing in “North Pond”, a pond located near Norridgewock, Maine.

It is unfortunate that people, out of selfishness and pure ignorance, have no idea what introducing an invasive specie(s) of fish can do to a natural and/or existing fishery.


  • right about that Tom.. Another scary introduction would be Frankinfish..Salmon!!

  • I practice catch and kill on all Northern Pike in Long Pond, Mt. Vernon. In fact this should be the rule. No limit, catch and kill only. Do not release a pike back into the ecosystem.

    A landlocked salmon fishery devastated. They (IFW) still net a few each year but I’ve not caught one, nor a lake trout. But I catch 3 foot pike off the dock, in the shallows, and the deep. They are as bad as milfoil or any other invasives.