January 27, 2023

Day 78 – No Executive Orders

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78 days and the public continues to be kept in the dark as to the status of Barack Obama’s 23 executive orders on gun control. Nothing yet posted on the White House website.

Liar in Chief

I’m not sure which is worse; a president who always lies or a public that allows him to do it.

To cite just one example from Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign in reference to guns, at a small campaign rally at SCHOTT North America Inc., a glass factory in Duryea, Pa., then the lying senator said:

“If you’ve got a gun in your house, I’m not taking it………Even if I want to take them away, I don’t have the votes in Congress,’’ he said. “This can’t be the reason not to vote for me. Can everyone hear me in the back? I see a couple of sportsmen back there. I’m not going to take away your guns.”

We already know that his statement that “if you’ve got a gun in your house, I’m not taking it,” is a lie because his efforts are for only that purpose. Nothing he has done to ban guns has done one iota for increasing the safety of children in schools or anywhere else for that matter. And yet people are too blank headed to ask why go after the guns when that is not the problem?

Obama then reveals more of the truth in how he feels when he states that he can’t take our guns away because he couldn’t get enough votes to do it. His ignorance shows when he points out “sportsmen” in the back of the room, as if that has anything to do with the Second Amendment. Anything for a vote, remember?

In this same Wall Street Journal article, the author states that Obama claimed to respect the “traditions of gun ownership.” Once again we know this to be a lie because in another campaign speech, in what President Obama thought was a “secret” meeting, he told the people in attendance what his real feelings were as they pertained to the “traditions of gun ownership.” But perhaps more revealing is how he feels about the people who own them.

And it’s not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy toward people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.


And so what is the Liar in Chief doing now? He’s taking his gun hating drivel on the road to Colorado and Connecticut promoting further destruction of the Second Amendment. He wants nothing more than to disarm the American people. It’s simple. One has only to examine Obama’s entire career and his positions on the Constitution and that of gun ownership. He knows he can’t get the votes in Congress to disarm the citizenry but he knows he can accomplish it one small step at a time – even if by executive order.

Liar at Homeland Security

Big Sis follows in the footsteps of her lying boss by telling the press about how much money the Government can save by purchasing ammunition in bulk.

“DHS routinely establishes strategic sourcing contracts that combine the requirements of all its Components for commonly purchased goods and services such as ammunition, computer equipment and information technology services. These strategic sourcing contracts help leverage the purchasing power of DHS to efficiently procure equipment and supplies at significantly lower costs.”

This might be believable to a complete moron if any agency of the United States Government had ever once considered ways of saving money. I have a bridge I’d like to sell.

And we’ll wait for Big Sis’ explanation of the need for 2,700 light-armored war tanks.

Nobody Believes a Liar

Residents in Connecticut, where the Liar in Chief plans a visit to promote his ideas of how to disarm the populace, are heading to the stores to buy up as many guns and as much ammunition as they can get their hands on. That’s how much they believe the liar who keeps saying he’s not going to take your gun away…….well, at least until he can get enough votes in Congress.