December 18, 2017

Biden Arrograntly Defines Task to Create New World Order

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If you will listen closely, Biden says that globally things are changing and we (he is addressing bankers) need to make changes to keep up with those changes. The New World Order is already here and that New World Order, like any authoritative/government power, must change in order to fulfill its agenda.

There once was a day when any mention of “A New World Order” would have gotten you a trip to the looney house, but today it is spoken of casually in all corners of political and financial discussions. What has yet to be talked much of openly is the call for a One World Government. This is what Biden is alluding to in his address. He sees himself as a member of that One World Government and thus his arrogance.

  • RattlerRider

    Yeah there was a time not so long ago that if one mentioned this goal of a New World Order, One World Government, they were considered to be on the edge of insanity. How long has ANNUIT COEPTIS NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM been on those federal reserve note one dollar bills everyone has been toting around? Good grief.

    • If you only knew how many times Ralph Maughan’s thugs have accused me of being a radical conspiracy theorist, or Kristy’s favorite “word” hysterical for mentioning Agenda 21, I would be filthy rich woman!

      Haha they don’t teach Latin anymore! LOL

      • RattlerRider

        Well they can snivel conspiracy theorist all they want, it’s funny as hell, because at the same time they’re supporting the governments version of the conspiracy which makes them what? conspiracy theorists supporting the governments conspiracy theory.

      • RattlerRider

        They have lots of opinions on items they’ve never researched. It’s called being stupid.

        • It’s like listening to “country music” Hank Sr., was asked how he could write those heart broke songs, or songs about tramps, and tough living, he said, “Hell man you got to live it, you can’t just fake it.” People that don’t grow up hunting or butchering their own meat in rural America, will NOT ever understand this in these “modern convenience store” times. The urban America should not be making policies for farms, ranches, or rural communities, and especially wildlife management, they take “out” the most important part of “management” and that is predator management and control, and it has been an absolute failure. Our ecosystems and wildlife are full of introduced diseases now, and this is going to “ride” the “names” of wolf introduction to the “ground.” They’ll be as famous as the “surgeons” that used to perform lobotomies for their “false” untested “theories” they have “marketed as Science.”

      • RattlerRider

        I just laugh at the “anti wolf” monicker they love to toss out like rice at a wedding. I’m anti soviet communist leftist faustian environmentalism steeped evolutionary biology which is complete crap.