June 2, 2023

Day 84 – No Executive Orders

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It is Day 84 and there is nothing posted on the White House website about Obama’s promised 23 executive orders. However we did get a preacher’s tongue-lashing of falsehoods and half-truths when Mr. Obama got all wee-weed up in Connecticut yesterday. While he was “ginned up” he accused anyone who opposes his tyrannical takeover of America, as getting all “ginned up” over his plans. A great example of the President intimating that the subjects should just shut up and follow him to hell…….one way!


Ban Those Magazines!

Gun rights destroyers say that if we were to ban high capacity magazines, perhaps fewer people would be killed in a mass shooting. A “high-capacity” magazine is one that holds many (over 10) rounds or bullets. A person carrying several loaded magazines, if the gun functions normally, can quickly and easily eject a spent magazine and inject a new, loaded magazine in a matter of 1-3 seconds, perhaps a second or two more for an inexperienced shooter.

According to what is written in an article by John Rosenberg at PJ Media, gun rights wreckers, as well as well-disguised, self-appointed “conservatives” ignorantly think that forcing a would-be mass assassin to have to reload a semi-automatic weapon a few more times would save lives.

Peggy Noonan of the Wall Street Journal, wrongly labeled a conservative, ignorantly says this about conjuring up an anti gun rights bill:

[I want] a quick, short, simple bill that would ban the use of big ugly monstrous high-capacity magazines [that would force shooters to] reload after seven or eight shots. It won’t hurt hunters, it won’t leave your house less safe, and in the cases of crazy people attacking children and mallgoers it will force them to reload, in which time someone might be able to knock them down or get the gun from their hands.

Hey, Peggy! Why not prevent this from even happening and allow a person to carry a firearm for protection?

Even at Sandy Hook, the media and others have perpetuated the myth that while Adam Lanza was trying to reload his gun, 11 children were able to escape. Lanza may have been trying to reload his gun but I can assure you it wasn’t because of time it would have taken to eject an empty clip and put in a loaded one. More than likely his weapon malfunctioned.

Ronsenberg does a good job of explaining why limits on magazines will accomplish nothing and the history exists to show so.

Oral Sex and Bloomberg’s Gun Banners

“Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” Michael “the Tyrant” Bloomberg and his posse of anti-gun, anti-rights mayors set a very poor example of one wishing to clean up the streets and end gun violence. James Schiliro, mayor of Marcus Hook, Pennsylvania, supposedly was drunk and disorderly in his own home and held a 20-year-old male hostage (with a gun?) until he had oral sex with him. At some point during his rage, he fired his gun into the floor. Gun? Gun? GUN? This hypocritical fascist has a gun?

It seems that others in Bloomberg’s brigade of tyrants have a difficult time adhering to the laws of the land. Background checks needed Mr. Bloomberg?

Uh oh! Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Guns members “being over 45 times more likely to be convicted of crimes than Florida concealed firearm license holders.”