September 25, 2022

Day 92 – No Executive Orders, BUT………

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Day 92 and the people cannot find published on the White House website, at the location where all executive orders are placed, any information that would contain details of the President’s 23 ideas of how he plans to make our schools safer by the further destruction of the Second Amendment.

There does exist, however, 15 pages in a pdf document published by the White House that contains 4 more detailed plans of how President Obama will, “protect our children and our communities by reducing gun violence.”

When you work alone, as I do, it is impossible to vet out every bit of information in a timely fashion. I pull together as much as I can, as quickly as I can and tread carefully to make sure I can substantiate or give credit to the origins of stories and information. For that reason, I rely heavily on tips and information sent to me by readers. They are my staff. I know of no other bloggers who don’t rely on this effort. I have several people that, frankly, if I didn’t have their help, my work wouldn’t be at the level it is today.

It was with the help of a reader who sent me the link to the White House file titled, “Now is the Time.”

Make no mistake about the fact that the American people were lied to. We can make excuses for the President and play games with semantics but the truth is this president misrepresented what he was doing and for what purpose. He’s been given a free pass and it upsets me to know that lying has become an everyday, acceptable practice.

In speeches following the shootings at Sandy Hook School, President Obama promised that he would take executive action to ensure that such tragedies wouldn’t happen again. On January the 17th, 2013 he put together a media operation in which he exploited innocent children and there was not a person or media outlet present or watching on television that wasn’t told or didn’t believe, by what they were told by the White House, that what the president was doing was signing “executive orders” to reduce gun violence and improve school safety.

Prior to the staged media event, in which the President signed one piece of paper, Obama made public his 23 ideas of how he was going to accomplish this task. I have published those here for you before.

When I began writing about this charade, I stated that I was not going to make comment on the 23 ideas until I had seen the details of those 23 executive orders. It’s easy to summarize a plan but the only way anyone can honestly offer intelligent insight and commentary is by examining the details of the plan. And that is what I have been waiting for…..and still am.

I also explained that there may exist all the details of 23 executive orders and are being kept from the people, or that all there ever was were 23 ideas sent to the press for no other purpose than to convince the people the President was doing something and/or to create a diversion. What I have discovered is prior to the 17th of January, on the 16th, to be exact, is when this executive “action” was dated.

The President then carried out his photo op with the kids, misleading the American people, and I might add, pissing off millions of people who were being told the President was going to circumvent the United States Congress and get his assault on gun rights taken care of through unconstitutional executive orders.

Now that I know of the existence of this other “executive action”, it better explains the President’s actions of late in campaigning around the country to promote his ideas in hopes of getting Congress to take up his cross of Second Amendment destruction and pass legislation accordingly.

I have come to the conclusion that we will never see anything more than what is now available as it may pertain to executive actions by this president; at least not in the immediate future. I am, however, convinced that if Barack Obama does not get what he wants through legislation, he will resort to his executive orders to achieve as much as he can. In the meantime, I and my readers, will stay on top of this and as soon as I know of any important information in that regard, I will pass it on.

This is a good an opportunity as any to take a moment just to say thank you to all my readers and especially to those who care enough in the search for truth, to keep me informed by sending information. I am grateful. Thank you!