October 4, 2022

And Our Government Is Talking About More Restrictions on Guns?

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American citizens should have been awakened to many realities during and after the events that have occurred over the past few days in the city of Boston and surrounding towns. What we know presently is that two men, one age 26 and one 19, plotted to blow up people and property along the route being run by the participants in the Boston Marathon. They succeeded.

One terrorist is now dead and the other captured last evening around 9 p.m. Now authorities will begin the process of telling us all the whys and wherefores of this tragic event.

It is ironic that this event happened at a time when the Obama Administration and several anti gun and anti rights groups and individuals are doing all they can to limit access to and in some cases to ban guns from the American people. They believe they have the authority to limit each of us in the implementation of the tools necessary to defend ourselves from all forms of threats.

Sandy Hook has been argued by some that had there been armed people in the school, perhaps the entire debacle would never have happened. The truth is that people have a right to defend themselves. During the manhunt for the two suspects in the Boston bombings, thousands of residents within the immediate area of the search were put at great risk by these two men. For some, all of those people whose lives were at risk, should not be able to possess a gun or the type of gun that would be best to protect themselves and their families from such terror.

While it is easy to blurt out rhetoric about how guns kill, it isn’t until events like Boston hit close enough to home, that we begin questioning the motives and the reasoning behind anyone wanting to go the extra step to put people at greater risk. It makes no sense.

Listening to the media and the so-called “experts” over the past few days, many of them, in their quest to perpetuate the “moral panic”, as it has been called, stated that what we saw in Boston is the new normal. Horrible Geraldo Rivera on television last night raved on about how “home grown” terrorism, as he wanted to label the two Boston terrorists, is what Americans can and should expect in our future.

If this is true, should we then be disarming the American people?