January 28, 2023

Mentally Preparing for a Grizzly Bear Attack

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Did you read the news of the wildlife biologist, who was with his wife and 3 children, ages 7-months to 11 years, out on a birding trip in the Kenai region of Alaska and were attacked by a grizzly bear? Read more of the story from the Newshound.

A man and his family out in the middle of grizzly country, was prepared evidently to fight off any attacks with his spotting scope. The whole family was lucky nobody was seriously injured as somewhat oddly the bear just quit his attack and left. Authorities located the bear and killed it.

Two things of note. The Newshound quotes ABC about what, supposedly the family did to “protect” themselves from a charging grizzly.

“We were raising our arms and made loud noises,” Laura Burke said. “That’s supposed to scare the bear away. Instead of running away, it came right towards us.”

Shucks! I guess that animal-loving method of self preservation isn’t too reliable. Maybe they should have had pepper spray, provided the wind wasn’t blowing too hard, rendering it useless. Or, as a friend mentioned to me, he might have been better prepared with a .454 Casull revolver.

Instead, the family man said he was prepared……mentally.

“We weren’t terrified only because we always knew it’s a reality when you live up here,” Burke said. “We knew this day may come one day. Mentally, we were prepared for that.”

I’ll bet that grizzly bear much prefers the taste humans that are not mentally prepared to be eaten alive. Those mentally prepared humans, I’ve heard, are much too bitter tasting. I suppose that is why the bear broke off his attack.