March 24, 2023

Bearing the “Social Cost of Their Choice”

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According to an article in the Wall Street Journal (pay wall) about Barack Obama’s second round at attempts at people control and destruction of rights, labeled in the press as “gun control”, law professors Lucinda M. Finley and John G. Culhane have devised a method of achieving such “control.” In their brainchild they believe that gun sellers should be charged a tax to be used to compensate victims of gun violence. The two totalitarian/Marxists state, that anyone, “who derive a benefit from guns—for hunting, target practice, self-defense, or simply for collecting” would have to bear the “social costs of their choice.”

Why limit this moronic kind of thinking to guns? Oh wait. We already do collect taxes and force consumers to pay more for goods and services in order to pay for the “social costs of their choice.” But, the intent here isn’t to compensate victims. My guess is that no victim would ever see one thin dime of this unconstitutional tax. The intent here is to force gun manufacturers and sellers out of business; the ignorant belief that then guns would somehow magically disappear.

I think it is time to levy a “compensation” tax on everyone who voted for idiot Obama to pay for the “social costs of their choice.”