January 29, 2023

NRA Video Against Bloomberg’s Inclusion of Boston Bomber Victimization of Gun Violence

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Michael Bloomberg, a puppet of the Vatican State, appears to have made a huge error when his group, Mayors Against Illegal Guns, listed, among many, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, the Boston Marathon bomber, as a victim of gun violence. Bloomberg’s actions certainly have set off a firestorm of outrage nationwide and some in the press have actually taken up the issue. But was this actually a stupid mistake? Or was it a planned event, disguised as a mistake, in order to continue the divide and conquer strategy that President Obama has employed since becoming the Council on Foreign Relations’ pick to sit in the White House?

It’s difficult to say what actually the truth is as Bloomberg, Obama and everybody else in Washington only know that lies are truth and their lies are more truthful. They have an agenda, one none of us really know about or will ever know of and carrying out that agenda comes in many shapes and sizes. When you know that human life has no value to these people, one can only imagine what else they will do to carry out their mission.

NRA appears to be fighting back.