January 30, 2023

Coyotes and Wild Hogs Destroying Deer Herds in Serious Fashion

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In an article published at Outdoor Life, this paragraph and quote should be read by every wildlife biologist and predator protector in the country.

Coyotes are hitting the southeastern U.S. particularly hard. Reports of fawn predation are rampant with many landowners reporting rapidly declining deer densities. University of Georgia professor, Dr. Karl Miller believes coyotes to be a real threat to whitetail populations in certain areas. Trapping, thought by many to be a viable solution, may not be. Miller and his graduate students have done extensive work with coyotes and have concluded that it is difficult if not impossible to trap out a coyote population. At best, you can reduce populations temporarily.

“One thing for sure” says Miller, “You need to be constantly monitoring your fawn recruitment. We can no longer be shooting every doe we see. With coyotes taking more than their share of fawns, populations can drop in a hurry”.