December 18, 2017

New Hampshire Will Waste $695,000 Studying Climate Change and Effects on Moose

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I’ve written about this quite often. When ignorant, uninformed, brainwashed, propaganda-fed, non thinkers, blindly swallow the whole “climate change” lie and combine that with the convenient lie that moose ticks are prevalent because warm weather allows the ticks to grow unchecked, and you have a scenario where federal money can be used to conduct useless studies that are all outcome-based.

The Concord Monitor has an article all about how New Hampshire is going to spend $695,000 to study how climate change (of course it’s the man-caused climate change), which in their minds is causing tick problems, is affecting moose. Ticks are affecting moose in New Hampshire and Maine as well, although the seemingly ignorant moose project leader in New Hampshire says that Maine is not being affected. So much for any real credibility.

Instead of beating a dead horse with the tons of misinformation contained in the above linked-to article, here’s a list of some of the articles I’ve written about moose ticks.

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2. Problems With Ticks or At Least Those Who Study Them
3. Easier To Blame Global Warming for Moose Tick Infestation Than Seeking Truth
4. Are Winter Ticks Killing Maine’s Moose Population?

  • RattlerRider

    Hell that’s just a drop in the bucket when compared with the billions blown on climate manipulation technology by various agencies of the U.S. corporation.

  • somsai

    If New Hampshire fish and game is doing the study it is important because the money is coming from hunters. Kind of cart before the horse too. Minnisota is doing a study on moose mortality because they are experiencing a sharp decline and instead of all the factors related to increased temps they are finding so far that half the mortality is wolves.

    NRDC had a long article on it recently and when some pointed out that half the mortality in the article was wolves they didn’t like it much. Total mortality in the study was only 15, not a huge number, long term studies…. take a long time.

    • alrem

      …Global POCKET WARMING!

      • Idaho_Roper

        I know, GW has become the go to excuse of the shallow thinkers…….even when it makes no sense at all.

    • Idaho_Roper

      It is interesting how the pimps will always overlook or excuse the fact that wolves are consistently the highest mortality factor everywhere they exist.

      This is exactly how this all ended up being welfare work, when one is willing to ‘overlook’ the largest factor in order to blame something else, it is not science, it is not even a casual study, it is advocacy, and it deserves no wage.