January 26, 2023

Maine Doesn’t Know How to Fix Gun Permit Application Backlog

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Once again I am going to invoke the now semi-famous saying of my nephew at about the age of 4. He was told by his father that he had to finish his lunch and when he was done he could get down and go play. His father and I retired to the living room, followed soon after by his son who exclaimed, “Dad! I’ve finished my lunch……but don’t go look!”

Maine can’t figure out how to process more concealed carry permits……but don’t go look for a simple solution.

Even taking into consideration that nothing is at it appears on the surface, still one has to wonder if nobody passes math classes anymore. We know there is a lack of clear and independent thinking but consider this.

According to an article sent to me by a friend, that originated from WLBZ2.com, Maine is failing to follow the guidelines of law and getting applications for concealed carry processed in the allotted time of 30 days, or even up to 60 days in some cases.

The article says that Maine’s lawmakers will meet this fall to try to figure out how to address this problem.

Problem? What problem? And what’s to figure out?

The same friend who sent me the article did some math (and I’ll see if I’m smart enough to check his math) and it appears the solution is quite simple – that is unless the Maine State Police would rather keep the application fees for whatever they are currently using them for.

According to the Bangor Daily News, the Maine State Police, who handle all weapons permits where towns don’t do their own, has a backlog of 4,600 applications and is receiving 150 new applications each day. A new application fee is $35.00 and a renewal is $20.00. Also consider that the Maine State Police has ONE, that’s right, one person processing applications (must be a high priority).

Let’s take as a supposition that of the 150 applications per day being received, half are new applications and half are renewals. That would be 75 applications at $35.00, and 75 applications at $20.00. On average, each of the 150 applications would be accompanied by a fee of $27.50 or $4,125.00 per day in application fees.

Assuming the 150 applications per day data is meaning only during a five-day work week, that would be 750 applications per week. So, let’s see. 750 times $27.50 = $20,625.00 per week in application fees. We know there are 52 weeks in a year, therefore 52 times $20,625.00 = $1,072,500 per year.

I’m not sure how much the Maine State Police is paying the lone person now assigned to process concealed carry permits, but I believe it would be considerably less that a million bucks! And I can’t believe the remainder of that money is spent checking a person’s background.

What I would like to know first of all is what the MSP is doing with the million bucks. It would also seem logical, although I’ve been in business enough during my life span and hired employees to understand having two employees does not necessarily equal double the output, that hiring another person and paying them with some of the $1,072,500 would solve the problem. Maybe even then those hardworking lawmakers could cancel their brainstorming session this fall and actually spend their time doing something constructive…….oh, wait. My bad. I forgot I was talking about politicians.

My prediction? Don’t look for the MSP, i.e. the Maine Legislature to resolve this issue in any sensible fashion. I look for them to raise application fees, use the extra money to go on a junket to talk about how they can raise more money in order to be able to take early retirement.

Just saying!