June 6, 2023

Milt’s Corner – Attack Frog!

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I will try to relay the facts about this creature to the best of my knowledge. I live in Greenwood City, Maine. A small settlement on Hicks Pond, Pop. about 42 full-time residents.

A few evenings ago I decided to take a walk to the center of town and back. On my return I was passing some tall grass near a boggy place on the side of the road and this frog came jumping at me and landed between my feet. The next jump was when he or she bit onto the cuff of my pant leg and would not let go!!

I tried to shake it off by dancing on one foot and shaking the other. That didn’t work so I got a picked stick from the grass and pried his mouth open until he or she let go and I ran for home! I talked to one of the Prof. up at the Suppository and he said it probably came in on shipment of raw rubber for the Tire Factory. That means one more thing From Away we will have to look out for!!! PS the photo of the frog on the hot top is proof of the Pudding. ??? RIGHT!! Milt