February 1, 2023

13 Wolves Killed for Killing 186 Sheep

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Seems unfair to me! 10,000 sheep couldn’t defend themselves against 13 wolves! Where’s the justice?

On Saturday, last, wolves were responsible for the killing of 176 sheep belonging to the Siddoway Sheep Company. The sheep were grazing on public lands by acquisition of a legal grazing permit from the federal government.

Some are saying that it isn’t right to kill the 13 wolves. Evidently, to them it’s alright for American citizens to have their private property killed, at an estimated cost of $20,000.00? And what these some seem to not realize is that 12 of those dead wolves were killed before two wolves showed up at the sheep grazing allotment, killing sheep for fun and causing a panic stampede that resulted in dozens of sheep being trampled and suffocated. This wolf pack was a problem long before this incident it appears.

For some, the argument is that private enterprise shouldn’t be allowed to graze sheep on public land. Then perhaps the federal government should give the land back to Idaho and then allow the private enterprises to purchase the lands for grazing. But somehow I don’t think that would matter much to the totalitarian environmentalists.

According to the article, a member of the Western Watersheds Project was complaining that the Siddoway Sheep Company only pays $866.70 for a three-month grazing permit. If Siddoway was paying $866,700.00 a month for a grazing permit, would it matter to these oppressive, fascistic environmentalists?