December 18, 2017

Wolf Attacks Retired Kazakh Police Officer

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wolfviciousTo some living in denial, wolves don’t attack people, unless of course they have contracted rabies…..from man non doubt. However, this story, which must not be true to those in denial, tells of a retired policeman living in Kazakhstan who was attacked from behind by a wolf while the man was looking over his car. He eventually fought off the wolf with his bear hands and strangled the animal; something Dr. Valerius Geist has always reported that could be done by a strong enough person.

I would like to draw readers attention to another report from the BBC of this same incident. I suppose searching for an explanation, the author writes:

Elders are surprised at the attack on a human, but recall that local huntsman Aldaberdy Akshabayev has stopped his regular wolf culls since the council cut off funding. Mangistau region police warn that the wolves are now becoming bolder as they compete for food.

Bingo! Too many wolves. Not enough food. Trouble! Read about this in Dr. Geist’s seven steps before wolves will attack a human.

  • Idaho_Roper

    Obviously, a fairytale.

    Wolves don’t attack people.

    I have been enjoying your recent writings on this issue. I find the widespread ignorance of people interesting. It is perplexing to me at the repeated presentation of an obvious lie, that it becomes the truth to so many, never again to be questioned, but worse yet, defended.

    Even more interesting is the defense and perpetuation of this hogwash by the two sectors that are suppose to be the most open minded, media and science. Considering that these two areas of observation are suppose to be rooted in non-bias truth and an acceptance of those truths, and the fact that they no longer even attempt too, makes me believe it speaks clearly of the decline of our species as a whole.

    No longer is man curious and exploratory, but now simply distracted, willfully ignorant and a blind and ardent defender of what he wants to be truth even without evidence, or worse, undeniable evidence of the contrary.

  • RattlerRider

    Geist keeps coming up as only an ungulate biologist that knows more about wolves than the supposed wolf biologists do. Or the wolf biologists are liars. Which is it? Are the they stupid? Or just liars? Of course if they’re liars that means they are stupid as well. Stupid Liars? Bought off stupid liars. Yeah, push the science like this here and you’ll have a nice successful career, ah ha, Greedy easy sell outs and selfish stupid liars.

  • Chandie Bartell

    Where is Bobalee?

  • Ram

    Read what you post before you post it. “Stupid liar pros”, “Wolfs don’t attack people” ? Your comments contribute to the divide that is mentioned. The research shows that although a very very low percentage of sightings result in an attack, wolfs have attacked people in regularity in past history. Hospital records prove it. Let us not set up a false sense of security that they do not attack, and have people exercise caution. If you have ever seen the aftermath of a wolf team kill, or single wolf kill, you will always take extra caution while intruding in their habitat. There are many reasons why they attack and the luck of the draw has an connecting factor in how it plays out. Stay safe when ever you can. Respect the wild territory we share, or we may get justifiably restricted. Proactive pays back.