March 24, 2023

Attention Readers!

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Please be patient as I work to resolve Disqus commenting issues. I am changing settings, among other things, trying to reduce or eliminate the disgusting, crude, vial, perverted and generally non constructive and undesirable comments from trolls and animal rights perverts attempting to destroy this website.

If you leave a comment, as a regular “approved” participant, and it doesn’t appear in the normal time frame, please be patient. I have made the settings such that anyone wishing to comment must first be approved by me and their email addresses must be legitimate. If your comment doesn’t appear, it means I have to approve it first. A one time approval should cure that.

The more frustrated I become with Disqus, the more I am inclined to return to the standard WordPress commenting system of which I have control over and not some third party company that really doesn’t have my interest at heart.

If I decide to make the change, once again I ask for your patience. You may have to re register and then get my approval first. It is my intention to make the commenting process, not only one in which I don’t have to spend my valuable time moderating (babysitting), but an experience for readers that is adult in nature and educational.

Thank you.