June 9, 2023

Why Social Influence Should Never Effect Wildlife Management

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horsepoop290It’s like the movie Ground Hogs Day. It’s repeated over and over. Every fish and wildlife agency in this country now adjusts their wildlife management plans according to the pressures and influences of the mindless, incapable of thinking beyond television, public: That is those more willing to care for animals than humans.

So why shouldn’t wildlife be managed due to public influences? Perhaps this bit of wisdom will help explain. In a Letter to the Editor in the Portland Press Herald out of Maine(scroll to find), a writer attempts to paint a picture of those proponents of bear hunting and trapping as somehow not understanding their own positions.

At issue here is that anti rights, anti hunting, anti trapping, anti (you fill in the blank), out-of-state, totalitarian fascists want to control what the citizens of the State of Maine do. They are attempting, once again, to end bear hunting and trapping. One of the arguments being used by, not only hunters, trappers and citizens at large who do understand the necessity of science-based wildlife management, but also by the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife, is that ending any means to be able to control the population of black bears in Maine, will result in a public safety issue of too many human/bear conflicts.

Should the writer have had enough brain matter(I use the term loosely. Please see fable below), he would have been able to see the ignorance of his own statement when he said:

They say that too many conflicts with humans make these practices[bear hunting/trapping] essential to controlling the bear population.

But they also claim that that they need to use these techniques because bears are too difficult to find and shoot otherwise.

Which is it – too many bears or too few?

If you don’t know anything about hunting bears, then my recommendation would be to continue reading here the fable of the bird who refused to fly south for the winter.

A bird found a wonderful place to build a nest; right behind the wind-protected and warm chimney on top of a house. There were bird feeders around and such and so the bird decided not to fly south with the rest of the birds as winter approached.

The bird didn’t realize that when the leaves fell, the people that provided the bird feeders and warmed the chimney, closed up their house and went south as well.

The bird got cold and could find no food to eat.

One day, as the bird sat in his nest believing his life was going to end, he heard and saw a neighbor come by the house riding on a horse. He was there to check on the house for his neighbors. As the man looked around, the horse deposited a big pile of excrement right near the side of the house.

After the man and horse left, the bird crawled out of his nest and worked his way down to the eave of the roof; unable to fly he was so weak from starvation. Struggling, the bird eventually fell off the eave of the house and landed in the pile of horse excrement.

The excrement had warmth and nutrition. Soon the bird recovered his strength and flew back up to his nest. Still ignorant of the ways of the world when winter sets in, the bird was so happy he was going to live for another day, he began to sing and sing loudly. Soon a hawk heard the bird, swooped down and ate the bird.

The moral of the story is: When you are full of shit, keep your mouth shut.

And I believe it was H.L. Mencken who said: “Nobody ever went broke underestimating The intelligence of the American public.”

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