May 27, 2023

Want to Count Bobcats?

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New Hampshire is looking for volunteers with trail/game cameras to help count bobcats. What amazes me is that money is spent in large quantities to count bats, turtles, piping plovers, butterflies and loons. Not one red cent is spent in Maine and other states to count game animals that bring in millions and millions of dollars to each of those states.

What is additionally disgusting is that when it comes to counting bats, turtles, butterflies and loons and now bobcats, volunteers are wanted. But when the real conservationists, i.e. the hunters, tell the wildlife authorities about the number of game animals in existence, the general response from those officials is that they don’t want to hear such talk from non experts.

Would somebody mind telling me why the double standard? I have donated hundreds, I’m sure thousands by now, dollars in order that I can have a chance to harvest game, and that money is often being spent to count butterflies, etc. In the meantime, guessing how many deer there are seems to be good enough….even though in states like Maine, the herd condition is dismal and the state appears to be mounting a program to convince people the herd has recovered.

Thank God for global warming.