May 27, 2023

Would Creating a Brass Shortage, Drive Up The Price of Ammunition Making It Even Harder to Buy?

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We know there are efforts nationwide to ban lead in ammunition as was seen recently in California, where Gov. Brown signed legislation banning lead. We know making ammo out of other materials is more expensive in addition to just the making of lousy ammo. Environmentalists say lead ruins the environment but is that really what’s behind screwing with ammunition?

And now, it appears brass is making a “resurgence” in home decor, jewelry, electronics and some say even electrical appliances.

How popular must brass become before there is a shortage and/or the price goes so high it seriously effects the price of ammunition, thus making it impossible for many to purchase it?

The anti-gun, people hating, troglodytes will stop at nothing to rid this country of guns. The bozo in the White House, the latest “tool” to trump up gun fears, will also stop at nothing to disarm Americans. Those are his orders. No tyrannical dictator, whether Obama or the next thug puppet to bless us in the White House, can assume full power until this act is accomplished. This can be accomplished discretely and somewhat covertly, as is happening now, or by full frontal assault complete with death and destruction.

The banning of lead is an environmental movement, on the surface, but isn’t the bigger picture about the eventual destruction of Second Amendment and personal rights? Those controlling the so-called environmental movement couldn’t give a lead balloon for what lead ammo is or is not doing to the environment. It is safe to conclude that California, the model for what the ruling elite wants the rest of the country to be, is just one small indicator that the attack is on ammunition, i.e. disarming the citizenry.

So, what about brass? We learned shortly after Obama took office in the White House, he attempted to stop the sale of spent military brass (ammunition casings) to private ammo manufacturing companies. Such a move would have been very detrimental to the supply of bullets in this country. If you think it is difficult now to buy ammo, imagine what it would be without brass. And, bear in mind that to my knowledge nothing has changed in the manufacturing capabilities in this country since this blatant attempt to destroy ammo production. In other words, a more complacent citizenry, preoccupied with other things, like Obamacare and fake government shutdowns, wouldn’t even be aware of a simple stroke of the pen, i.e. Executive Order equaling no more brass casings.

One might conclude from all this that perhaps there is something a bit more sinister behind creating demand for brass, resulting in higher demand and possibly lower supplies, driving the cost of brass up and thus the price of retail ammunition. After all, is it all that difficult to sway the public into going ga ga (and yes I might be referring to Lady GaGa) over material things? A concerted effort, like we have seen with the Beatles, electronic gadgets, drugs, fashion and design, financed by the ruling elite, could effectively make ammo difficult to purchase or worse.

If I didn’t know any better, I might conclude that hyping brass could be a targeted effort by the Tavistock Institute on Human Relations.