December 12, 2017

It’s the Meat, Stupid!

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New Research Shows Hunters Increasingly Motivated by the Meat

Reasons Include the Recession, the Locavore Movement, and More Women Hunting

HARRISONBURG, Va. – Recent national and state-level research conducted by Responsive Management reveals that obtaining meat is an increasingly important motivation among American hunters to go afield. “While there are several reasons for this growth in the segment of hunters who engage in hunting for utilitarian reasons, several of Responsive Management’s new studies make clear that the trend is widespread and unmistakable,” explains Mark Damian Duda, executive director of Responsive Management, who managed the research studies.<<<Read the Rest>>>

  • Idaho_Roper

    As desperate times become more of a reality……the past time aspect turns to subsistence. Doesn’t seem to complicated……… but something interesting about that survey. Contrary to what the eocfreaks claim it’s only a minute portion of hunters that are the dreaded and much maligned “trophy” hunter.

    But, hell……don’t let any facts get in the way of your propaganda.

    • GoldDust

      Hell the only acceptable form of subsistence hunting for some in that crowd including hunters that whine in defense of hunting is this is how they hunt, with longbow and wooden arrows. And these whiners never hunt predators nor use traps. The good little longbow hunter only takes a cow elk every couple of years. That’s about the best defense of abundance hunting I’ve read over at dead head central by a frequent poster. North Fork in West Montana is “teeming” and “balanced” with wildlife and mister special see’s wolves everyday. Hmmm…

      • Idaho_Roper

        Yes, it is always interesting watching the comments of the shallow thinkers. They really attempt to cover their hatred with the occasional ‘acceptable’ hunting comment. Then they will turn right around and comment to their own comment and rant and rant and rant as to the evilness of the man or woman willing to do their own killing.

        I have not visited that nut house is quite some time but I am sure it hasn’t changed in the least little bit. And they bore me with their redundant ignorance and flat out lies………the gubmint has been providing plenty of that entertainment for me…….

        One would think that the world barely survived these last few weeks, yet in all honesty, I did not notice even one slight inconvenience or really any evidence that anything had changed in the slightest. And since we all know the immature man child that resides in the white house really tried to make this as painful as possible, I have to conclude that anything that was closed these last few weeks can easily be permanently closed. I even enjoyed the pony show of them calling the bigot Jarvis out for his fake hand slapping. What a good little soldier taking one on the chin for BO.

        But the world disaster has been adverted and all things marxist are back up and marching forward in their agenda of destroying this charade of freedom we were sold.