February 4, 2023

EPA Redefining “Water” To Get Your Land

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In another effort to grab land, steal away humans rights, anger the subjects, while hoping they will take violently to the streets, the fascist Environmental Protection Agency, in order to circumvent law and order, is redefining the term “water” as it pertains to what they believe is within their power to further oppress the people.

As I understand it, the Clean Water Act never defined water. Over a period of time the fascist government doesn’t want to simply throw people off their land and so they are devising to do it through back door, corrupt, circumvention of the legislative process, as secretly as possible.

You might recall that the U.S. Supreme Court was needed (clearing my throat here) in order to define “water” so that the EPA had a better understanding of whose lives they could legally and without opposition, destroy. And now the EPA has decided to implement fake science, that is outcome-based scientific fraud, to claim that water everywhere on earth comes from the same source and is interconnected. Therefore they believe they will have the power to “control” and “regulate” it.

This act by the EPA is reminiscent of the overreaching power of the Vatican. Perhaps a Papal Bull can written to give the EPA jurisdiction over all the land and water of the world in order to control it. Oh wait! Hasn’t that already happened?

I am at a loss anymore as to why the subjects of this country don’t get it…..at all. As a Maine humorist once said, “Not only don’t this guy have a clue, he doesn’t even suspect.” I don’t think the serfs suspect a thing.

One piece at a time, and it never cost me a dime!