October 3, 2022

How Many Months Before Maine Releases Moose Harvest Information?

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It’s an ongoing frustration for many of Maine’s license holders, those who pay dearly for the salaries and programs at the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife(MDIFW). They must wait for several months before MDIFW releases even preliminary deer, bear and moose harvest information.

With a lot of “urging”, better recognized as bitching and complaining, MDIFW last deer season was able to at least give out some preliminary numbers of how many deer were taken. This was done within about a month after the close of the season, if memory serves me correctly.

Over in neighboring New Hampshire, where a 9-day moose hunt will end on Sunday (oh yeah, N.H. hunts on Sundays), officials presented harvest data midway through the hunt. 281 permits were issued via lottery in New Hampshire, and as of October 23, 119 moose had been taken – 63 bulls and 56 cows. And, they even knew hos this compared to last season’s moose hunt for the same period. WOW!

A report published on The Outdoor Wire, did not say “around” 119 moose. It specifically said 119, as well as a breakdown of bulls and cows. In Maine? CRICKETS!

What’s the holdup?