February 6, 2023

NSA Intercepting, Changing Content of Emails?

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Most of us are either willing or not willing to accept that the National Security Agency(NSA), believed to be an arm of the United States Government, is spying on us and archiving every bit of information being placed on the Internet, including our emails.

I received an email the other day presenting some “interesting” information, but to be totally honest, I’m not sure exactly what it means. I know it more than likely means the NSA intercepted an email, which they claim they don’t do. Why the photo change, in my limited technological mind, isn’t clear. I doubt that the NSA would advertise they were stealing your private information, unless, of course, their intentions were to frighten and anger you, so I’m thinking something went wrong during the intercept.

According to the information contained in the email sent to me, the person forwarded a Fox News article to a local media outlet; a screen shot of which can be seen in the first photograph below. What the media outlet evidently received was what is shown in the second photograph. Also, the email states that the NSA.gov website “was hacked and down.” Is all this somehow related?

You may have to click to enlarge the photos in order to read all the information.