February 2, 2023

Obama’s Disdain For The Constitution Means We Risk Losing Our Republic

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*Editor’s Note* – Below is a link to an article I just read that I find a bit too late and also a bit “snickerable.” (Yeah, I know.) The writer of the piece, M. Northrop Buechner, seems to be claiming that Barack Obama wrote the book on how to tread on the Constitution and circumvent it with Executive Orders and any other crooked legal and non legal finagling to get his way. In short, claiming this president is a tyrant, a despot, a dictator, monarch, choose your poison.

Of course he is all of the above but he did NOT write the book on this but I do believe he is contributing several chapters for future dictatorial puppets to follow.

What is interesting is that whatever Obama’s “approval” rating is, (40%ish) – that percentage of people, and I’m being generous in attributing them with enough brains to understand that their president is actually sidestepping the Constitution – love his illegal maneuverings because they agree with his agenda (lies), and they probably falsely believe it is of some benefit to them.

Ignorant as ignorant can be, what happens when Obama is gone, and during his despotic reign, nothing is done to correct the breaking of laws because a president refuses to accept the rule of law that he doesn’t agree with? Simple! The next president, should he or she have a different fake party designation, I can pretty much guarantee will be a tyrant with a pretended “different” agenda, and Obama’s 40% of fans will now come in line with those demanding that the new president be impeached, or something, because he or she is abusing executive authority, etc.

It will happen as it has in the past. This is what happens when people ignorantly and eagerly follow a “party” over the cliff. How’s that working out anyway?

From the article in reference:

“The main responsibility the Constitution assigns to the President is to faithfully execute the Laws. If the President rejects this job, if instead he decides he can change or ignore laws he does not like, then what?

The time will come when Congress passes a law and the President ignores it. Or he may choose to enforce some parts and ignore others (as Mr. Obama is doing now). Or he may not wait for Congress and issue a decree (something Mr. Obama has done and has threatened to do again).”