March 28, 2023

There is Little to No Credibility Concerning the Debate of Maine’s Anti-Hunting Referendum

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Not everyone is stupid and gullible. Unfortunately, radical, dirty-money-fed, environmentalists and their filthy organizations have no scruples when it comes to presenting some form of credibility in the bile fomented as letters to the editor and/or opinion pieces. Also unfortunate, is that some people seem eager to believe what is written because, well, it’s in print somewhere.

Maine, more than likely, will be facing another anti-hunting referendum next fall and as I precisely predicted, the nonsensical drivel has been oozing with stench for some time. Let’s look at one fine example of such.

The Portland Press Herald (Maine) carries an opinion piece for John Glowa, a man seemingly more in love with animals than humans and his obsession clouds his thinking. In addition it also seems to force him to state untruths (lies in case you need to know) about bears and what people say and do. In short, his entire piece is nothing short of emotional drivel, spiced up a bit with a dash or two of psychobabble.

The opening paragraph, not only sets the stage for the remainder of the regurgitation bought and paid for by the environmentalist, but pretty much defines the foundation by which the environmentalists want to force their way of life and their perverted values onto others.

The LePage administration and bear-baiting proponents would have us believe that the cessation of bear baiting would be a public safety catastrophe of epic proportions.

Rational speaking and thinking humans are quick to realize how ridiculous such a statement is. I have never once, in the many years I have been writing about wildlife management and outdoor issues nationwide, heard anybody speak of a “catastrophe of epic proportions” should bear baiting be halted. I would challenge this person to please provide the facts to back up this claim……but don’t hold your breath.

As I said, this sets the stage for the rest of the opinion piece, which means it is worthless balderdash saturated in emotion.

In addition, Mr. Glowa states that Maine needs a paradigm shift in order to convince (lie to, brainwash, indoctrinate, propagandize) people that bears will be dangerous if hunters are allowed to continue baiting them. And herein lies the rub. Wildlife management should not be based on paradigms and emotional poppycock.

Before assuming the crap sandwich that’s on special in your local newspaper, do some honest research and you’ll discover the unsubstantiated, emotional clap-trap found in this opinion piece, is worthless.

If baiting bears, as Glowa and others have falsely claimed, makes for more and bigger bears, then those states that do not allow bear baiting should not have very big bears, and fewer of them. According to Boone and Crockett (found on Peterson’s), the keepers of game animal trophy records, 11 of the top 20 all-time biggest black bears harvested came from Pennsylvania. Last time I checked, the Keystone State didn’t allow baiting, nor was there a shortage of bear to hunt. Do we need a paradigm shift there as well? And, by the way, none were from Maine.

Dang! Facts seem to be getting in the way of a good attempt at propaganda!