April 1, 2023

Outdoor Life Explains HSUS’ Slimy Tactics of Fraud Against Hunting Interests

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“First, HSUS will identify an area of vulnerability. Usually, this comes in the form of a newly-created hunting season or the hunting of a new species that hunters have not yet developed an allegiance to.

It then follows up by creating a “citizen’s” group that includes the name of the state in it to make it appear as if local residents are the ones behind the actions. HSUS will seek out local “hunters” willing to speak out against the hunting of the new species.

Then it spends money. The group will flood the airwaves and mailboxes with propaganda that contains very little truth. As an example, during a fight over dove hunting in Michigan a few years ago, HSUS spent millions on TV ads that made the following claims: No one hunts doves. Hunters don’t eat the doves that they kill.

The above formula is the precise path the group is taking in Maine where HSUS is funding a front called “Mainers for Fair Bear Hunting.”

Despite the home-grown title, the group’s mandatory campaign finance reports show that of the $85,000 reported in the group’s 2013 report, all but $881 of that came directly from Washington-based HSUS.

It’s the same story in my home state of Michigan.”<<<Read More>>>