March 24, 2023

Guns Cause Suicide

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In Maine, the Portland Press Herald editorial staff has gone out of their way to convince readers that the presence of guns causes people to commit suicide. They demand that lawmakers in Augusta make the ability to exercise one’s right to keep and bear arms more difficult in order that fewer people commit suicide.

Maybe this is akin to requiring background checks and verbal testing on people before they are allowed to speak. Certainly things people say to other people (bullies for one) must have caused some to commit suicide? This is insanity as well as ignorance.

What is most tragic is that not once in the editorial garbage that the Press Herald put out, did they attempt to address anything about suicide or suggest ways and/or generate discussion in what causes people to want to take their lives and what can be done to correct the problem other than using mental issues to attack ownership of guns. What obvious fraud and dishonesty, while exploiting a serious mental condition that causes people to consider ending their lives. Maybe poor editorials contributes to one’s depression. Should we reconsider freedom of the press? It’s all insanity!

To pretend and attempt to convince readers that guns cause suicide is as utterly ridiculous at the graphic shown below that cold weather causes murder.<<<Source>>>

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