December 3, 2023

Baiting Bears (Animals) is Inhumane Because HSUS Says So

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The perverse, non-thinking, hypocrites at the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), and other environmental groups think that putting out bait to attract a bear to a site for the consideration of taking a bear for harvest, is inhumane. When one considers the multiple ways in which humans have always “baited” animals, not only for sustenance but to also reduce or eliminate pests, why then does the HSUS, et. al. pick on bears and bear hunters.

Should the HSUS and their blind followers be successful in presenting a citizen’s initiative in Maine to effectively end bear hunting, bear trapping and bear hounding, then we should prepare for the stoppage of the use of any kind of “bait” for fishing, including artificial lures and flies. I assume then that the anti humans at HSUS would prepare to stop tree stand sitting for all other species to hunt. No more imitating sounds to “bait” an elk, deer, turkey or a moose into your hunting area. No more cover scents. No more luring scents and sounds. And let’s not forget putting cheese or peanut butter in a mouse trap.

There are some members of these hate-filled, totalitarian organizations that believe that providing “bait” for game is making animals unnaturally fat and disrupting that animal’s good, balanced diet. If so, then what will be their argument when they have succeeded in ending “baiting” bears (of which I don’t recall anyone has defined what constitutes “bait.”) and hunters and trappers continue to use man-made, artificial lures and “baits?”

Will HSUS be successful in ridding Maine of this person’s game attractants and cover scents, along with many, many others?

We haven’t been presented with any such referendum…yet. I will guarantee that if and when that time comes, there will be nothing in that referendum to define specifically what it is they intend to prohibit through referendum. And that’s by design and ignorance…..they know nothing about bear hunting, trapping or hounding.

Groups like HSUS do their homework. They determine who or what is vulnerable to one of their anti human attacks, for the purposes of forcing people to end their long-held heritages in exchange for a decadent, hate-filled, progressive, Marxist lifestyle. They care not about the welfare of the bear or any other animal, yet they are very good at pretending. HSUS has proven they are an illegal, political, lobbying organization that deceives people into giving up their money for animals and very little goes for animal welfare. Because they work in conjunction with the corrupt, agenda-driven United States Government, a blind eye is turned their way and they are allowed to continue their corrupt and deceptive practices.

Their target is to end your heritage because they see this kind of lifestyle as a direct threat to their future. HSUS and their groupies will lie, cheat and steal to get what they want. Pretending they care about the inhumane aspects of animal welfare is a joke. They want the destruction of your lifestyle.

They may or may not be successful in putting a stop to “baiting” bears. But it will not end there. They will go after lures and attractants. Their goal is to stop all hunting, trapping and yes, they also want to stop fishing.

Gee, I think I recall having said all these same things during all the last lawsuits filed against Maine and other states. And yet, I continue to hear from hunting, trappers and fishermen that the perverse environmentalists will go away. Not going to happen.